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  1. i admire what you are trying to do mr. kane, unfortunatly the u.s. will always be a lackey of israel. i personally do not understand how they can get away with violating int. law. we in the u.s. are the first to condemn everybody else on human right etc. except israel of course. israels slogan is ;never again’ they should add to it ‘unless we are doing it’ shame on us, im glad i am in old age i won,t be around to see our country become a poor suburb of israel

  2. Love your blog.
    I myself blog on the Israel/Palestine conflict, and all associated with the Middle East.
    I am just going to give a shout out to your blog, like a profile, on my blog if that is ok?
    My blog address:

    An article on the Arab/Israeli conflict:

  3. Here is your profile on my blog:

    hope it is ok


  4. Dear Alex,

    I so admire what you are doing. I am a Christian activist for the Palestinian people in Adelaide, South Australia. My blog is at Regardless of how many Christians or anyone else tries to stand up in defense of Apartheid Israel, I believe the Zionist state will not succeed. It may take longer than I have to live in this life, but i am committed to justice for all in the Middle East. More power to you!

    Craig Nielsen

  5. Well, if you want to paint all “right-wing Zionists” with the brush of Breivik’s unspeakable atrocity based on Breitik’s erstwhile support of Israel, it seems only fair that you would also approve the tarring all Palestinians with the brush of the Fogel Family murders and -of course – the Twin Tower bombings. After all, Al-Qaeda has taken credit for 911, and threatens to do its best to promote such activities in support of the Palestinian cause, specifically. Most Palestinian leaders have fallen all over themselves in public to distance themselves form Al-Qaeda. (See this episode of Al-Jazeera commentary. The attempt by the Palestinian organizations to distance themselves from Al-Qeada points up the obvious error of Kane’s point of analysis. The problem, of course, is that you are looking up the wrong end of the telescope. A much more relevant consideration than how Breivik views Israel is how “Israel” and especially “right-wing Zionists” view Breivik’s despicable murder of innocents. To state the obvious, either Israel nor “right-wing Zionists” support Breivik’s inexcusable act of murder.

    If you are concerned with the truth, you might have commented at some point (despite the Palestinian leadership’s public attempts to lever itself away association with Al-Qaeda) on how many Gazan Palestinians celebrated the destruction that Al-Qaeda wrought on 911 ( – and the proportion (almost 1/3 of the population of the ‘moderate’ Palestinian population (in the West Bank -as opposed to Gaza) that sees the butchering of the Fogel Family as legitimate. Indeed a recent poll found that 73% of Palestinians agreed with Hamas charter, which calls for the indiscriminate killing of Jews. Just where Hamas actually differs from Al-Qaeda on this particular point is unclear. Now, these statistics, if they accurately portray a broad affinity with Al-Qaeda’s ideology, if not their branding, indeed constitute a problem worthy of journalistic consideration.

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