Website update: Joining the Mondoweiss team

If you’re reading this blog, you probably read me over at Mondoweiss, and this won’t tell you anything new. Otherwise, here’s some important website/personal updates:

I have joined Mondoweiss as a staff reporter (announcement here), and so most of my writing will appear there.  Here’s my author page.  If you want to keep up with my writing on Israel/Palestine, stay tuned to Mondoweiss.

Otherwise, I’ll be using this website less frequently, and mostly to post other articles that have not appeared on Mondoweiss.



One response to “Website update: Joining the Mondoweiss team

  1. It is unfortunate, Alex, that you choose to join a team that so often crosses the line between pro-Palestinian activism and anti-Jewish conspiracy theory. You are without question hurting both your own credibility and the Palestinian cause by doing so.

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