UN report debunks Israel’s Naksa propaganda

Immediately after the Israeli military reportedly killed dozens of unarmed demonstrators in the occupied-Golan Heights on June 15, Israel’s propaganda machine went into high gear.  Newly-released details from a United Nations report authored by the Secretary General clearly show that the Israeli spin on the Naksa protests was just that:  spin.

The principle claim was that the Israel Defense Forces only shot at the bottom half of protesters’ bodies, and therefore did not kill them.  Instead, as a New York Times report put it, the Israeli military said that “10 protesters were killed after they threw makeshift firebombs and started a fire that set off land mines near the border town of Quneitra, on the Syrian side of the lines.”

It turns out that there was indeed a fire that killed demonstrators, according to the UN.  But according to published accounts of Ban Ki-Moon’s report on the demonstrations, it was Israeli weaponry that caused the fire which ultimately killed protesters.

From Ha’aretz:

A UN report on the Naksa day events said the IDF used tear gas, smoke grenades and live fire to prevent the demonstrators from crossing the ceasefire line.

It stated: “Several anti-tank mines exploded due to a brush fire apparently started by tear gas or smoke grenade canisters near UNDOF facilities at Charlie Gate, resulting in casualties among protesters.”

The brush fire was put out by Syrian and Israeli fire squads, and UNDOF, the report read.

Meanwhile, the Zionist blogosphere is all over this story by Michael Weiss of the Telegraph that purports to show Syrian state documents proving that “Assad orchestrated Nakba Day raids” on the Golan Heights.  Weiss, who works for a pro-Israel advocacy group, claimed that the document was authentic and originated from the “‘Office of the Mayor’ in Al-Qunaitera province.”  But blogger Richard Silverstein throws cold water on Weiss’ report, writing that it was Israeli intelligence–which has a history of pushing false stories in the media–who leaked the memo to him.

7 responses to “UN report debunks Israel’s Naksa propaganda

  1. You might point out that according to the report, the Syrian military was nearby, and did nothing to protect the ceasefire line.

    • Right. But that was never really in dispute among people questioning Israel’s claims. Of course the Syrian government allowed demonstrators to get close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. But that doesn’t delegitimize the protests, nor is it evidence of the Assad regime “orchestrating” the protests. What’s clear is that Israel shot unarmed protesters.

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  4. A land without people for a people without a land, we are Gods chosen ones and he gave us the land, it is the land of our ancestors, are the lies that were spread around to justify the theft of Palestine to creat the illegal settlement called Israel. What can one expect from such people but lies and more lies. Never heard one word of truth from them, and I don’t expect it too. I mean we are the goym, they see it as their religious duty to deceive us and profit from it. Isn’t it so?

  5. The Syrian military might have been close but one has to remember the the Israel were shooting people and it would not be wise for the Syrian to get within gun shot range of people who are capable of shooting woman and children who were no danger to them. It is a fundamental rule that one can use deadly force on when in danger. The overly armed IDF were protected with shields on the fence to keep stones or bullets from hitting any IDF Member. In the old days Israel could just make up a story like the attacking of the USS Liberty and they did not have to face the fact that photographs will make the news quicker than the official lie machine of Israel can produce a “good” life. Israel has help create the very tools which will destroy the old “tell” them anything we will get the public to alway believe we are poor famers trying to protect our orange trees. The world can see an IDF wearing the best uniform and the most expensive protective gear and the laters weapons. All this “good” stuff provided by the US Taxpayers and the US Public thought they were providing equipment to protect Israel and not help Israel murder woman and children. BTW if they had breeched the fence the IDF could just pull back because their is nothing at the location other than the fence. It was also land that Israel stole in 1967 after the received Syrian acceptance of a cease fire but still attacked the Golan heights after the syrians layed down their arms. As the person mention in a previous comment the Syria military was near and they most certain understand they have no reason to trust the Israeli in an mannor. After all few military have used an accepted cease fire as a plot to attack.

  6. But that’s what Israel does. That’s how they’ve earned the name “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The kill and blame it on others. Easy

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