Behind Closed Doors, Do Western Governments Support PA Boycott of Settlement Goods?

Nablus, West Bank–Do Western governments privately tell the Palestinian Authority (PA) that their settlement boycott initiative is “brilliant”?  Yes, according to Hitham Kayali, the general coordinator of Al-Karameh National Empowerment Fund, which was created to implement the Palestinian Authority’s initiative to boycott and ban settlement products from the West Bank.

During a meeting in Ramallah, Kayali said that many foreign countries agree with and support the PA’s program to rid the West Bank of all products made in illegal settlements.

If true–and I don’t take Kayali’s statement at face value–it could represent a hopeful sign that Western governments, most likely European governments, support concrete steps like boycotting settlement products as one way to promote the creation of a Palestinian state.

Some European governments–most prominently, Britain–have already taken steps to label products that are made in illegal West Bank settlements.  But there have been no public statements from Western governments explicitly supporting the PA initiative.

In April 2010, the Palestinian Authority issued a law banning settlement products in PA-controlled areas.  In May, a door-to-door campaign throughout Palestinian neighborhoods, shops and homes was begun to rid the West Bank of settlement products, and last week the PA announced that West Bank shops were settlement free.

The Israeli government has denounced the PA campaign, which has forced some companies out of settlements.

2 responses to “Behind Closed Doors, Do Western Governments Support PA Boycott of Settlement Goods?

  1. I just found this blog of yours and I’ll be reading it regularly from now on. I am vehemently pro-Palestinian, despite the fact that I’m an American woman. American or no, I’m so thankful that I’m intelligent and principled enough to peel away the many layers of propaganda I’ve been force-fed all my life, and realize that the U.S. unwavering, repercussion-free support of Israel is unconscionably reprehensible. Whether it’s videos of the IDF ferociously arresting young Palestinian children, or reports that yet another Palestinian farm has been uprooted, and yet another farmer brutally beaten by masked, hateful Israeli settler thugs; whether it is accounts of Palestinian fishermen being shot execution-style simply for seeking to fish in deeper waters where fish still yet exist, or reports of boys with holes the size of grapefruit blown into their skulls while they are playing football, or of the windows blown out of Palestinian homes full of children on cold nights due to nearby bomb explosions; or of little girls shot over a dozen times by Israeli guards for straying too near a checkpoint, and the shortages of medicines, electricity, food and potable water, and the “security fence” that stands as tall as 22.8 feet, and the endless home and Ma’man Allah cemetery demolitions, and of Palestinian families reduced to chunks of bodies while in their living rooms, and the scores of Palestinian men arrested and held for no reason, and on and on it goes, and my President turns a blind eye. One Israeli person dies from a bus stop bomb and the world cries out for revenge, but for even one Palestinian does the world cry? I hate my government, I am embarrassed to say I actually shed tears of hope when Obama was elected, I thought he would truly care about the Palestinian people, but his words are just lip service, lies, and the arrogant monster Bibi Netanyahu throws his tantrums whenever actual, potential solutions are offered up to him, and the horror continues on. Zionism is a plague upon humankind, and from little I’ve read on the subject it sounds as though early Zionists were often also members of the Nazi party. And so my dream has become to join the International Solidarity Movement when my 12 year-old son is grown (I’m a single mother), and go to Palestine, and be of whatever help I might be, and to stand with the people on the right side of tomorrow, today, and history. I hope I make it there. I’m 46 already and I have no savings, but somehow I hope a way will be made. I can imagine no more worthy way to spend the rest of my life than to seek justice, freedom and dignity for all Palestinians. Thanks for your great work!
    Sincerely, Hillary Hays

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