Anti-Muslim Sentiment Not Limited to Europe

The Washington Post reports on how “anti-Muslim feelings” are “propel[ling] [the] right wing in Europe.”  When will we see similar stories coming out about the U.S.?  The Tea Party is a right-wing movement that has come into prominence, in part, by stoking fear of Muslims and the non-existent “creeping sharia” law that is about to be imposed on the United States.

A recently released report by the NAACP, Devin Burghart, Leonard Zeskind and the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights notes:

The term “Islamophobia” was defined in a 1997 Runnymede Trust Report as “unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims.”[254] Among the characteristic elements of Islamophobia highlighted in the report: Islam is monolithic and cannot adapt to new realities; Islam does not share common values with other major faiths; Islam as a religion is inferior to the West; It is archaic, barbaric, and irrational; Islam is a religion of violence and supports terrorism; and Islam is a violent political ideology.

In fact, alongside racism, anti-Semitism, and nativism, the elements of Islamophobia have found their way into the Tea Party Movement. Tea Party leaders and members have employed anti-Muslim language.   With strong Tea Party ties, Pamela Geller stands out in this regard.

As noted earlier, Geller was a featured speaker at a Tea Party Patriots-sponsored convention in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in May.[255] Despite weeks of pressure from community groups who raised concerns about Geller’s history of Islamophobia, the convention organizers refused to reconsider their invitation to Geller.[256]

As the report notes, Islamophobia is a key element of the Tea Party movement.  There are a lot of examples demonstrating this.

The English Defense League, a far-right anti-Muslim group who has chanted “We hate Muslims” at rallies, is reportedly forging links with Tea Party groups in the United States. 

And last weekend, as Justin Elliott of Salon reports, “the leader of one of the three biggest Tea Party groups has called for Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to be defeated this election explicitly because he is Muslim.”

I’m waiting for that expose on Islamophobia in the Tea Party.

4 responses to “Anti-Muslim Sentiment Not Limited to Europe

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  2. The problem with the far-right in Europe is the hypocrisy of the so-called fundamental charter of human rights of the European Union.
    So-called “Neo-Nazis” are mere creations of their Bolshevik overlords controlling their minds, enabling them to push the buttons of
    the far-right in the direction desired. They’re not Neo-Nazis, they’re Bolsheviks. Likewise, because “Neo-Muslims” are an invention
    of the Old Left in Europe and part of the Bolshevik system, the American system is being constructed in Europe to keep old allies presently
    divided against each other which will allow them to reconquer Europe like they have done in America.

    This part of the European, as well as the American and most of the rest of the world’s heritage has been deleted in the name of Marxist
    diplomacy that keeps society divided for interests which have thrived with the nearing obsolete 20th-century political structure, whose
    legacy in a historical context will be laughable once it is undone.

    Many Muslims are not “Neo-Muslims” and are highly respectable people in all fields of society socially and economically with no intention
    of dominating European society, but those on the ground in Europe know all to well the experience of the “Neo-Muslims” on the continent and
    have every right to be concerned about what is happening to the continent with the United States serving as the historical precedent.

    Turkey is not a country to be disrespected which has become a recent favorite target of the far-right in Europe commensurate with certain recent foreign policy. Many of their people are descendants of ancient Rome, and they have a better economy and all that comes with it reflected in many of their people than some in Europe. That said, many in Europe are still recovering economically from 20th-century and adapting to new economic systems. Europe’s responsibility is to them first, and should not allow the progress to be undercut by social agendas aimed nothing more at doing just that to them.

    In the 21st-century anyone still espousing the obsolete Marxist mantra of social justice can hardly be taken seriously. But if some want
    to still espouse abyssal social justice, it should be espoused for the people of Europe, specifically Central and Eastern, who were left
    behind and sold down the river by the Yalta Conference. It should be for the people the West didn’t nothing about for 40 years in failing
    to uphold the agreement of Yalta guaranteeing them the right to choose their political system by vote. It should be for the people, who even
    after the West finally lived up to their broken promises in the 80s, were again stabbed in the back in the 90s when they came in and dismantled
    what remained of the East’s economy. When all Poland is known for in 2010 economically is being the home of Europe’s history
    amusement parks, it is telling.

    Those still waging the obsolete 20th-century Marxist culture war fail to make a mature argument given the reality that economic factors
    are at the core of the frustration felt by many Europeans, which then gives way into immature issues such as headscarves. And the presidential
    leadership in Europe pushing the headscarve argument highlight the reality they can’t be taken seriously, and are hardly working for the people
    they claim they are. In actuality they are just one prong of the reconquista playing their role in the social justice equation.

    The immigration situation in Europe is nothing more than the extension of the Yalta Betrayal that was addressed in the 80s, but then begun
    again in the 90s with the whole of Eastern Europe and Russia literally raped by the West. Those actions are what have driven many Russians
    to return to what it is they mostly know, the Soviet Union, and many in Eastern and Central Europe to return to what is the only thing they
    inherited from the 20th-century after the 90s, their borders. You can’t blame either for being the Nationalist effect, not the cause. Many in
    the United States know all too well what transpired in Europe last century because we have their refugees and freedom of expression.

    Until Brussels dismantles the final Berlin Wall being manned by the Bolshevik thought-police, the social situation in Europe is only going
    to get worse because it is purposefully sanctioning what freedom of expression is permissible for Nationalists in fomenting an anti-Muslim
    bias, and thus resulting in the culture clash and permanent division they want as their other wing foments an anti-nationalist bias. This of
    course also benefits those who want to hijack European foreign policy and steer it in their direction. It must be satisfying for some to continually
    push their own into the palace in Paris after the country had previously built nuclear reactors for Iraq in the 80s. It is a win-win for those of the
    immature realm and a lose-lose for the people of Europe, including immigrants.

    It is laughable to believe reports that Turks are fleeing Europe en masse because of sporadic incidents of racism and directed media propaganda when immigrants and near-generations in Europe are some of the most privileged and protected citizens. Many would tend to believe Turks are
    returning home because they love their homeland coupled with the economic downturn experienced in recent years.

    These so-called “far-right” darlings such as Geert Wilders and English Defence League have no intention of addressing immigration to the extent the Nationalists want, just feeding lip-service with token security gestures and Marxist-social structure films to personally profit. Anyone in a position of influence such as Mr. Wilders knows ideology and political association take a backseat to real-time management, yet his choice of real-time management options are to parade his social-engineering film around the world as the solution while the English Defence League wears jocks on their faces in public. Next Wilders will probably finance a movie called the “Gates of Vienna” and ask for votes. Any serious far-right leader interested in representing their people on the issue of immigration in Europe would be pushing real-time management solutions such as incentivized repatriation because many of the Europeans’ complaints concern immigrants who are already there, not just annual quotas.

    Turkey could probably be a great friend of European Nationalists if Europe would grow up and let their people do so in the process, but that would be devastating to the puppet masters of individuals such as Geert Wilders. Foreign policy in Europe is the overriding element that can ultimately bridge differences on the continent across political and racial spectrums allowing a win-win for the people of Europe. Immigration concerns of the Nationalists no longer become polarizing with immigrants and near-generations when everyone can find common ground with what they all truly love, their homelands.

    Freedom of expression naturally leads to communication, which seems to be a central problem some are loving as their controlled movements in Europe attempt to make their way over to the United States, but thus far have fallen by the wayside because the far-right in the United States is at the point of undoing the 20th-century disaster of America, not trying to prevent it like the far-right in Europe are trying to do. The far-right in America will ultimately reject many of the plastic Bolshevik far-right elements in Europe because it is a whole different ballgame here where they are decades too late. The English Defence League would have been marching with Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60s.

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