Why the ADL is so Scared of Jewish Voice for Peace

The Anti-Defamation League has taken to defaming what they call the “top ten anti-Israel groups in America.”  Among them is Jewish Voice for Peace, a left-wing group that is the premier Jewish voice advocating for Palestinian justice and an end to the Israeli occupation. 

Why have they taken to smearing Jewish Voice for Peace as a group that “uses its Jewish identity to shield the anti-Israel movement from allegations of anti-Semitism”?  In a word, fear. 

The ADL is afraid of what groups like Jewish Voice for Peace represent: principled Jewish voices of consciense that take a simple stand for human rights and justice. 

Take this New York Jewish Week piece on the ADL’s list and JVP’s inclusion, and look at what Ethan Felson of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs had to say:

Another reason Jewish leaders are worried about JVP: the group claims an expanding presence on campuses across the country and growing appeal to a young Jewish demographic segment that, almost all Jewish leaders agree, is losing its connection to the Jewish state and the pro-Israel establishment.

Their un-nuanced message and anger focusing on human rights, broadly defined, are especially appealing to that segment, said JCPA’s Felson.

“The pro-Israel community would be wise to keep in mind that we need to provide multiple points of entry for young Jews, including those who are authentically pro-Israel and are not silent to concerns for Palestinians,” he said.

The ADL’s message is exactly the opposite of an “unnuanced message and anger focusing on human rights.”  The ADL’s message is to never criticize Israel, never say a peep about the brutal and racist practices of the Israeli occupation and to never stand up for Palestinian human rights.  And that’s a losing position.

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