Send Me Back to Israel/Palestine This January By Donating

Below is text that I am sending out to some people in an effort to raise money so I can venture off to Israel/Palestine in January for a bit.  Please read, and if you’re convinced, donate!

About a year ago, I approached some of you to help me raise enough money so that I could participate in the Gaza Freedom March.  I was deeply grateful for the support, as it enabled me to travel to Cairo, Egypt and eventually the Gaza Strip.

Now, I am coming to you again.  In January, I plan on joining a Health and Human Rights” delegation organized by members of American Jews for a Just Peace. I will be traveling throughout the West Bank and Israel, meeting with various Palestinian organizations doing amazing work under horrific circumstances.  I plan on staying in Israel/Palestine for over two weeks, learning, experiencing, reporting, writing and blogging.  But I need your financial help.  My initial goal is to raise $1,500 by mid-November—that will cover my plane ticket and additional costs related to the delegation as well as food and other necessities.

The support I received last year enabled me to go to Gaza, and it was a trip that profoundly changed my life.  I saw what it meant to be locked inside a open-air prison, learned from my Palestinian peers what it was like to know of the outside world but be blocked from reaching it by a cruel and illegal blockade and saw images of destroyed schools and buildings that will never leave me.  I also saw people that have amazing spirit, that refuse to give up to the crushing force of the Israeli occupation. Since returning from Gaza, I have become obsessed with everything Palestine.

What have I done in the year since I returned from Gaza?  Well, a lot.

I have become a regular contributor to the blog Mondoweiss, which continues to grow and is a premier source of news and analysis on the Web on this issue.  I have brought my writing to you via outlets such as Salon, Electronic Intifada, Palestine Chronicle, Alternet and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting’s Extra! magazine.  And I have continued to write for the Indypendent, the best grassroots newspaper in New York City and the outlet which has become like a second family to me.  There’s hopefully a lot more where that came from.

I have also just recently begun my own blog, which features thoughts and analysis primarily on Israel/Palestine.

I hope that you have appreciated and enjoyed the work on this issue I have produced over the last year and that you will consider helping me travel to Palestine so I can become more informed and more passionate about this issue.  Changing the discourse in the United States, and especially within the American Jewish community, where I have come from, is a vital part of ending the Israeli occupation, and it’s my hope that the work I do contributes to that.  But it can’t be done without you.

So please, consider helping me out again!  It’s an easy process:  just visit my blog here, and in the right sidebar there is a PayPal donate button.  Click on that and donate your heart out!

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