New York Times’ Opinion Section Remains an Arab/Muslim-free Zone

As the national debate continues over the Islamic community center near Ground Zero, the New York Times still seems to have a policy of not allowing Arabs or Muslims to have their voices heard on issues that principally concern them.

After the deadly May 31 Israeli raid on the Gaza “Freedom Flotilla,” the New York Times ran a spate of Op-Eds in their print edition about the flotilla and, more broadly, about Israel/Palestine.  I noted then on Mondoweiss that there were zero Palestinian authors included on their Op-Ed pages in the aftermath of the attack.

The Times has ran a couple of Op-Eds on the Islamic community center–this one that ran yesterday was quite good–but no Arab or Muslim voices have been heard.

Today, the Times has a “Room for Debate” feature titled, “Is the Mosque Issue a Risk for Obama?”  Again, it seems like they didn’t ask any Arabs or Muslims to join the debate.

That’s a damn shame.

(H/T to Christian Avard, via Ali Abunimah.)

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