The Voice of a Gazan

This Mondoweiss article proves why the Internet is so important.  If there was no Web, we would never hear the voice of Yousef M. Aljamal, a Palestinian living under siege in Gaza.  You should read it all.

During the time of the siege, Ahmed, a very young child in Gaza, left his home with his family because it was located very close to a big mosque that people had heard was going to be bombed. Later, while he was playing football, he was bombed by an Israeli F-16, separating his body into very small pieces. Ahmed escaped from his destiny to his destiny.

During the time of the siege, Zyneb, a youth in her twenties, was prevented from leaving Gaza to receive medical attention. Due to that, she passed away and was the first victim of the siege. She left her family, husband, and many friends, all who loved her. After she passed away, one of the Israeli soldiers who worked hard to prevent her from leaving, asked her father, as he was carrying her dead body, “Why do you cry? All of us will die!”

During the time of the siege, Salah, a very clever youth who was forced to leave school to work in one of Rafah’s tunnels in order to provide food for his family, was suffocated under the sand of a destroyed tunnel. He joined the list of 150 people who died inside the tunnels while they were “smuggling” food and medicine to their besieged people.

During the time of the siege, Fadel, a very handsome journalist was killed while he was covering an Israeli attack on Gaza, carrying only his camera. He joined the list of dozens of journalists who were killed by the same means, and maybe even by the same soldiers.

And in the comments section:

Thank you everybody for your comments. What I wanted from writing this article is to show for the rest of the world ,who have been decived by the Israeli media, the truth in Gaza. These stories are not the whole story, still there are thousands of stories are not published and I wish to publish all of them oneday. I wrote this piece and I have no mean to for hating Jews, I have no problem with anyone in this world, but the problem is with those who kill my innocent people and besiege them. The one who told me about this website to publish this article is A JEW. Yeah, and this is an evidance shows that the Palestinians have no problem with Jews. For those who tried to defame the picture of my people , I feel sorry for you as you are still decieved by the Israeli probaganda. I invite you to visist Gaza and see these things by your owns green or blue eyes. Thanks again.

Thank you, Yousef, for putting a human face on the illegal siege of Gaza.  Some day, this horror will end.

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