This request will be filled in, what, 40 years?

Good news from the Raw Story, but how long do you think it will take for the whole truth about the U.S. role in the flotilla massacre to come out?

What did we know, and when?

That’s the gist of a series of Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, which hopes to learn more about any American involvement in or foreknowledge of the deadly flotilla raid that left nine peace activists dead, including a young, unarmed American citizen who was reportedly shot four times in the head.

“One U.S. citizen was killed, others were injured, detained and had their property taken, and a U.S.-registered vessel seized by Israel during its attack in international waters last month,” CCR attorney Katherine Gallagher said in a media advisory. “Serious questions remain unanswered about the U.S. response to the attack, its actions and policies, particularly in the context of the blockade of Gaza, internationally condemned as illegal and unjust. Citizens need to know their government will protect their rights under U.S. and international law vis-à-vis a foreign government, including Israel—the biggest recipient of U.S. aid over the last fifty years.”

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