Kristof Needs to Get Informed on Palestinian Non-Violence

I have some more thoughts to add to my post below on the Nicholas Kristof column today in the New York Times.

Ali Abunimah’s Twitter feed brought to my attention this tweet from Kristof’s feed: “I believe Palestinians wld accomplish far more if they put rocks down and mobilized a massive civil disobedience movement,ideally women-led.”

Let’s leave aside the question of whether throwing rocks at an occupying army stealing your land and methodically attempting to kick you out of that land is violent or justifiable. It’s absurd to harp on that, and Kristof should get off his high Western horse and put himself in the shoes of Palestinians who are at a severe disadvantage when compared to a U.S. funded war machine that flattened Gaza during the massacres.

Kristof doesn’t have to look far from the South Hebron Hills to find a Palestinian civil disobedience movement that’s thriving. He can travel to Bil’in, Ni’lin and Beit Jala, all in the West Bank, to witness their weekly demonstrations against the illegal separation wall.  Or, because he’s traveling to Gaza today, he should interview Gazan activists associated with Popular Committee Against the Buffer Zone, which organizes demonstrations against the Israeli “buffer zone” that steals Palestinian land and prevents some 30% of Gaza’s arable land from being farmed.

2 responses to “Kristof Needs to Get Informed on Palestinian Non-Violence

  1. Kristof actually doesn’t have to look any further than the south Hebron hills. There is a south Hebron hills popular resistance committee that routinely organizes demonstrations in the area. The committee participated in the recent Palestine-wide Bil’in Conference of Popular Resistance. The other movements get more attention, but the committee in the SHH has very tight relationships with the larger popular committees.

    I gotta give the SHH props, as I have been working there for 2 years🙂 Nonviolence is thriving and growing in the south.

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